Continental GatorSkin 28c Folding Road Tyres


Get ready for race season with this pair of fast-rolling, high-performance Continental Road Tyres. The go-to choice for cyclists wanting to go the distance, these tyres are made from durable DuraSkin and offer exceptional protection from punctures. Reliable and lightweight they are ready for whatever challenges you meet on the tarmac.

Winter Weather Grip and Durability

This Gatorskin tyre has been specifically designed to withstand the harshest of tests. Made from a durable carbon black mixture and featuring Continental’s bespoke technologies like DuraSkin for superior sidewall protection and PolyX Breaker for puncture resistance, this Gatorskin tyre transforms your bicycle into a machine that can battle wet and wintery conditions or nasty, sharp road debris.


  • PolyX breaker for exceptional puncture protection at a low weight
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Exceptional grip in wet conditions
  • Compound: DuraSkin
  • Recommended Inflation Pressure: 110 psi
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 120 psi
  • Casing: 3/180 TPI
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Size/Width: 700/28c
  • Weight: 245g


  • DuraSkin: This anti-tear fabric ensures reliability in extreme riding conditions. In the seriously demanding Paris-Roubaix race, for example, cyclists using Continental tyres equipped with DuraSkin have the least amount of tyre-related problems during the race. Featuring a special wear-resistant carbon compound, which provides fantastic mileage durability as providing exceptional grip and traction on wet roads and at low temperatures.
  • PolyX Breaker: This breaker consists of an extremely resistant polyester fibre, which is woven tightly in a crosswire formation to create a very high fabric density to exceptional resistance to sharp objects and resistant to punctures. Rolling resistance is not affected by the PolyX Breaker and is very lightweight.


  • Colour: Black
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Width: 28c
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